Public Foundation Institute for National and International Development Initiatives

Our mission: improvement of the quality of life of every person through the promotion of sustainable and professional development of civil society organizations to promote national and international initiatives aimed at positive and democratic change.

The foundation works in the following areas:

  • Creation of a favourable environment for the development of NPOs and civic activism
  • Creation of common spaces for NPOs and civic activists (information, educational, joint actions, etc.)
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability of public authorities
  • Promotion of public participation at all levels of decision-making

 PF INIDI in numbers

1. 20 completed projects

2. Budget of completed projects: $446,932.69

3. 13 donors

4. 5 advocacy – campaigns

e.g. development of the amendments package to the bill "On the Public Council"

5. More than 20 referrals

6. 8 analytical materials

7. 45116 site visits

Our partners and donors:

ICNL, Life Line, Canadian Foundation for Local Initiatives under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, CISC, MCI of Republic of Kazakhstan, GAIN, representative office of the Eurasia Foundation in the Kazakhstan, PI Institute for Development of Local Self-Government, YPA Center for Youth Problems, and others.

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